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Leeann potochney

LeeAnn founded Lift Play Repeat to connect with people who are ready to unlock their inner athlete and improve their human performance. With 10+ years of experience as a coach and personal trainer, she has worked with a wide variety of youth, high school, and collegiate athletes, as well as adults and active and former military.

After some time in the fitness industry, LeeAnn recognized that movement is foundational, but there had to be more to optimizing performance. It was in 2012 when she first truly came across an understanding that the brain is a governing system and movement is an output. She knew that more people needed to learn about how the brain functions and that people could tap into their potential more deeply. Her approach and philosophy behind her programming focuses on “all the body, all the time.”


Want to be stronger? Want to be faster? Want to be more resilient? All that we are is brain-derived. Let me help you unlock your inner athlete and improve your human performance.


Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Rutgers University

MA, Exercise Science & Physical Education
Montclair State University

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

National Strength and Conditioning Association

Z-Health® Performance Solutions:

  • Movement Reeducation Specialist (R-Phase)

  • Movement Integration Specialist (I-Phase)

  • Movement Performance Specialist (S-Phase)

  • Exercise Therapy Specialist (T-Phase)

  • 9S Structure

  • 9S Skill & Style

Carrick Institute Human Performance Program:

  • Strength, Power, and Neuro-Biomechanics

  • Cardiovascular Enhancement and Neuro-Integration

  • Metabolism & Neuro-Nutritional Strategies

  • Neuro-Modulation of Human Performance

Precision Nutrition PN Level 1 Certified


As the athlete, you're at the center of all areas for improvement in your own human performance enhancement. Some areas you are proficient, and need to be maintained. Some other areas you may have a deficit, and that is what we'll work on together.


Training covers what you need to do in order to be stronger, faster, and more powerful. The guesswork is taken out for you so you can focus on moving better, looking better, and becoming a better athlete.


Nutrition is essential to fuel your body for your training and lifestyle and aids in your recovery. Keeping your nutrition in check will get you the results you want and focus your energy on optimizing your human performance.


Having a solid strategy to get to your end result is the best way to start. Your mindset is what gets you psyched up and also out of a rut when you feel like quitting. Support from a coach helps you trust the process and be consistent.


This is where the magic happens. To be a better athlete you must see well, balance well, move well, and integrate well. Your brain is a complex structure, but it can unlock your potential beyond what you thought possible.


Unlock your inner athlete and get ready to improve your movement, sport, and life.

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