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what is online coaching?

Online training is a way to provide a focused experience to clients and athletes alike. It can be utilized by anyone, anywhere offering convenience, responsiveness, and flexibility. Using online check-in and communication tools I empower you with more accountability and support.

what else can you tell me about neuroplasticity?

Everything you do in life is a skill. Everything you've learned up until this moment has been learned and wired, and even rewired, in your brain. Your brain is an amazing, complex structure that is plastic, or able to be molded, to create new neural pathways. At Lift Play Repeat, we look into those neural pathways to unlock your potential.

What are some ways you target the nervous system?

There are three very important concepts at Lift Play Repeat:

1. Never move into pain. Going back to "Everything you do in life is a skill"—if you practice feeling or moving into pain, you get better at feeling or moving into pain.

2. All the body, all the time. Your body is interconnected, and your brain is the governing ruler. Your breathing affects your vision, your eyes affect your movement, your shoulder affects your hip. You get the idea.

3. If you're not assessing, you're guessing. The nervous system is constantly taking inputs, interpreting and deciding on those inputs, and creating outputs. If you make it through a training session or training program without reassessing, you can grossly miss the target of your program. At Lift Play Repeat, we assess and re-assess consistently to understand what we're doing is truly having the most impact on your nervous system and performance, which will better lead you to your goals.


Unlock your inner athlete and get ready to improve your movement, sport, and life.

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